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GAS Boiler is Life line to many Small and Big houses or Flats in Great Britain. From the time of invension of boiler till now there has been great change in how them look, Weigh, Effeciancy and price. Boiler has been part of our home life With bearing this in mind we have mastered the Boiler. We supply and install any size of domestic boiler to suit your need. We also work hand on hand with client while we design the installation. Our expert Engineers does not only talk you through to the options but also educate you prior to you making a decision that works best for you. We provide Free Consultation visit along with Free no Obligation quote. If you wish to try us please call us on 079 610 44 638 or 074 7299 7299.


Central heating, Boiler, Plumbing and Drainage systems that are not regularly serviced or routinely maintained are 80% more likely to suffer breakdown, failure or blockage.

At Nilkanth heating and Plumbing, we strive ourselves to provide you with high standard of customer services. You can choose to use us or you can decide to use someone else, but we are confident that you will be more than impressed with our professional levels of service and are very competitive. We don’t believe in tying customer with Months fees or contract.

We’ll check your boiler’s controls and its components clean the vital parts to improve efficiency, check for scale damage to the system and examine radiators, vales and pipe work for any corrosion or leaks. Here at Nilkanth heating and plumbing, we take pride in high standard customer service and attention on every part of system, and all of the work we carry out in your home is guaranteed by us.

Registered with Gas Safe the firm is competent to undertake all gasInstallation, repairs and maintenance to mains gas heating systems and are approved installers for a number of leading central heating manufacturers and suppliers.

Power Flush

Many central heating systems will eventually suffer circulation problems, either from a build up of sludge and scale, or as a result of deposits from internal corrosion – common symptoms include excessive noise from the boiler or pump. Problems of this type often show up after alterations to the system or installation of a new boiler or pipework, and need to be resolved quickly if permanent damage is to be avoided. Nikanth Heating and plumbing will send a qualified heating engineer to carry out a Power Flush of your system, which will remove sludge and other deposits and restore the system to effective operation.

Registered with Gas Safe the firm is competent to undertake out all maintenance to mains gas heating systems and are approved installers for a number of leading central heating manufacturers and suppliers.

What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing Central Heating is a process by which water (at low pressure) is pumped through the system at high velocity in order to dislodge and remove deposits, without causing physical damage to the system. By adding powerful non-corrosive cleansing and descaling agents Power Flushing can be made even more effective, and during the process, radiators are individually flushed without removing or disconnecting them from the system. A final charge of scale and corrosion inhibitor added to your system will ensure long term protection for your central heating boiler.

If you experience any of the following problems, it could be a sign that your central heating system requires flushing:

  • Excessive time taken heat the water
  • Unexpectedly low pressure water flow from hot water outlets
  • Reduction in hot water temperature

Use Boiler Power Flush

  • Sludge or rust present in central heating system
  • Leaks occur from radiators or other parts of central heating system
  • Unusual noise from boiler or pump

Before you Boiler Power Flush or Heating Power Flush

If you are considering replacement or installation of a new gas central heating boiler, we can also offer advice without obligation before you commit to spending money on your project. Nilkanth Heating and plumbing offer a rapid response to domestic customers

Unvented Cylinder

An Unvented Cylinder is a hot water storage system that has a hot water storage cylinder that does not incorporate a vent pipe to the atmosphere. In simple terms, a system of pipework and components operating above atmospheric pressure, normally fed from the mains and sealed to the atmosphere (no vent pipe). As no vent pipe is provided, the system differs from a conventional system in that the operation of the vent pipe needs to be performed in other ways.

Unvented hot water takes away the need for large cold water storage tanks in the loft, and the end user will see such benefits such as high pressure showers. They also work more efficiently than the standard open vented cylinders. Many brands of unvented cylinders now come with extra solar coils that allow the connection of solar panels to the system. We often install solar coil cylinders with no solar panels, as clients decide to spend the money on the solar panels at a later date.

The installation of an unvented hot water system must comply with both the Water Regulations and the Building Regulations. An unvented hot water cylinder must also be notified through local Building Control Office or a competent persons scheme such as GAS SAFE, who will want to ascertain who will be installing the system. The system must be installed by a competent person, in other words someone who is qualified for the installation of unvented hot water cylinders.

Registered with Gas Safe the firm is competent to undertake out all Installation, repairs and maintenance to Unvented Systems and are approved installers for a number of leading central heating manufacturers and suppliers.

Advance Control

Wherever you are, control your heating and hotwater from your mobile, tablet or laptop. We provide extensive range of solution for you and your family. We provide most mordern technology to save energy bills.

Certificates & Complaints

As a Property Owner (Landlord), you have a legal Obligation to guarantee that all gas appliances that are made available to residents or tenants are safe and covered by a Gas Safety Certificate.

As per Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998, Landlords have a duty to ensure gas appliances, pipe work, fittings, chimneys and flues are safe and regularly maintained. Gas appliances should be inspected and serviced annually to maintain their safety. This inspection needs to be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered company. This will place confidence that their tenants are safe against any possible harm from Carbon Monoxide and other possible gas safety problems.

In order for a Gas Safety Certificate to be issued, the Inspector will have to check that all safety devices are working correctly. That any ventilation routes are working properly and are clear to allow any harmful gases to be removed from the appliance safely to the air outside. They will ensure that all gas appliances are burning correctly on the right setting and at the correct operating pressure. Any defects which require remedial work will be identified.

At Nilkanth Heating and Plumbing, all of our Engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered, and are therefore able and authorised to issue a Gas Safety Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the inspection. Any remedial work that is required to be completed before the issue of the Certificate will be made known to the Landlord in order for the work to be carried out. Landlords are also responsible for ensuring that a Gas Safety Check is carried out within 12 months of the installation of a new appliance or flue which has been provided and annually thereafter by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

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